Groovv Register Update - 2.06.06

A new version of Groovv Register is now available!
Once logging into your Register in version 2.06.06 you should notice the alert icon in blue. Simply press the icon and follow the prompts to complete the Update
Within the new update:
New! Active Alert Page has been enhanced to provide greater awareness to an issue within the system. The blue icon has been changed to red. A red banner is introduced to inform your of the issue before pressing the red icon.
New! Closing Open Transactions has never been easier. Not only will you be shown if there are open transactions on the account, but the opportunities to create open authorizations are eliminated. Select the above link to understand how to identify and close any open authorizations. 
Adjusting quantity has been updated to more accurately reflect the ideal Restaurant experience. Items added to the receipt windows, which contain Modifiers will now create a new line item. Before the final modifier would be duplicated in quantity. This update empowers the server to speed up the process of taking multiple identical orders. Retail users will not notice a difference when using the Transaction Display Menu
Lastly,The Groovv Team would like to introduce the new receipt printer. 
New! Bixolon SRP 350ii is official! With this updated release all Storefront and Restaurant Bundles will now be receiving a new receipt printer. The goal of the new printer strives to improve reliability through a hard wire Ethernet connection. 
Many other updates and fixes were introduced as part of this release, which we hope will aid in the process of helping your business grow. Be sure to check in with us for more updates as they become available.